How to block websites on Chrome to avoid distraction

In today's world, everything and everyone is fighting for our attention. The internet is full of distracting websites. Unfortunately, this hurts our performance. Even though we know this, it is still difficult to resist temptation. We find ourselves with a fast-growing number of tabs in the browser. Facebook, Instagram, Sports news, YouTube, and so on. They all take up all our time from work.

Installing a browser extension to help control the time spent on distracting sites can help solve this problem. Several website blockers are available, but the EffCod extension provides more than basic functionality. It gives you all the help you need to get the most out of your day, replacing the new browser tab with a complete productivity desktop. Not only blocks but even automatically closes - depending on the setting - distracting pages, further reducing the temptation to look at pages already open.

Full, all-day blocking sounds good at first, but experience shows that too strict rules are not good either, as they can lead to the extension being removed in a short time.

An alternative approach is to block pages only during so-called focus periods (see Pomodoro technique), but during breaks, the blocking is automatically removed, and you can browse freely. 

How to set up website blocking with EffCod on Chrome desktop browser?

  1. Install the extension from the official Google web store.
  2. Allow Chrome to use the extension to change the new tab functionality.
  3. Go to settings
  4. Add the websites you want to block in the "Blocked Site" section.
  5. Configure focus period settings.
  6. Configure work time protection. 

In this block, you can specify a priority timeframe and set extra protection for this period. The system tries to get you to work after the specified period of inactivity. This can be:

  • Activate the dashboard after every X minutes of inactivity.
  • Blocking websites after X minutes of inactivity.
  • Automatically closing tabs with blocked sites after X minutes of inactivity.